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Wall Coverings Base

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Meeting quality requirements in manufacturing and construction

Wall coverings base used in houses and condominiums needs to meet the quality requirements for the manufacturing and construction of wall coverings. The paper needs to have the appropriate strength surface properties in the manufacturing process. At the same time it needs to have glue absorbancy and cutting properties for better construction work efficiency. We have faithfully met these quality requirements using our know-how developed over many years for both PVC and non-PVC based wall coverings. We supply our products to most wall coverings manufacturers. Recently, a variety of wall coverings, including those that maintain a safe indoor environment, have been developed. We support our customers by providing them with wall coverings that meet their needs and with next-generation wall coverings with superior functionality.

Product applications

  • Base paper for PVC wallpaper
  • Base paper for non-PVC wallpaper
  • A variety of base paper for wallpaper

For inquiries about Wall Coverings Base, please call:

81-3-5600-1381 (Sales Dept.) Open from 9:00 to 17:00, except on non-business days
and national holidays

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