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For over 70 years, we have carried out research and development and manufactured proprietary, high-value-added products for the global market. Our product lines range over various industrial applications such as base paper for decorative laminates, wall covering bases, masking tape bases, nonflammable paper and medical grade paper for sterilization. We stand committed to research and development with the goal of remaining a "Value Generating Company" that consistently meets the needs of customers.

Base Paper for Decorative Laminates

Small batch production and tens of thousands of color variations available

Wall Coverings Base

Meeting quality requirements in manufacturing and construction

Impregnated Paper for Building Materials

Impregnated paper for printing with high consistency and quality

Masking Tape Backing

Base paper that is functional and easy to use

Medical Grade Paper for Sterilization

Base paper for medical packaging that ensures safety and hygiene


Durable inorganic fiber sheet with excellent heat and fire resistance, Ceramic fiber, paper, sheet

Durable inorganic fiber sheet with excellent heat and fire resistance

Backing Materials for TDDS

Backing Materials Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems TDDS TDD TTS

Laminated thin film with light-weight nonwoven fabric for Transdermal Drug Delivery Systems.

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