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Durable inorganic fiber sheet with excellent heat and fire resistance

KJ SPECIALTY PAPER's proprietary paper making technologies make alkaline
earth silicate wool (bio soluble ceramic fiber) into heat and fire resistant sheet products.
It can be easily worked with paper cutters despite its strength. In addition,this product
offers excellent solvent and water resistances while being impregnable to inorganic
and organic chemicals.


  • Manufactured using RCF-free materials including a bio-soluble ceramic fiber
  • Excellent heat and fire resistance up to 700 °C
  • Retains sheet strength even after baking
  • Thin (150 micron and over), flexible and can be easily cut and folded
  • Its high porosity can support catalysts or porous materials and provide excellent impregnation properties for organic and inorganic chemicals.

Heat resistance

Comparing with Glass fiber sheet

Excellent Workability


  • Heat resistant honeycomb filter for odor/moisture removal etc.
  • Heat resistant filter media
  • Honeycomb core table for laser cutter, Heat resistant tag
  • Heat and flame resistant products such as welding blanket
  • Heat resistant structural materials for building, furnace and wall construction
  • Carrier for catalysts or porous materials,Base material for high temperature heaters
* Will produce a fire refractory product or incombustible sheet (nonflammable sheet) by baking at 400 °C and more

Application Example

Physical Properties

General physical Properties

Item Unit Measured Value Test Method
Basis weight g/m2 70 JIS P-8124
Thickness 0.17 JIS P-8118
Density g/cm3 0.41 JIS P-8118
Ash content % 84 JIS P-8128
Tensile strength kN/m 1.8 JIS P-8113
Wet tensile strength kN/m 0.4 JIS P-8135

Applicable temperature :Room temp. to 700 °C

Thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity
before baking 0.17
after baking 0.16
In vertical direction (Periodic heating radiation thermometry method)


Volume resistivity
before baking 4.4×1011
after baking 6.4×1010
JIS C 2139 3-1, 3-2

Heat release test (Heating time: 20min)

Item Total heat release
Total time of heat
release exceeding
Existence of through-
crack or hole which
can negatively impact
fire prevention
Requirement value
as noncombustible
8 or less No more than 10 None
Koceran 0.18 0 None

Tailor-made inorganic sheet products

(1) About Inorganic fiber

  • Inorganic fiber is a fiber made from inorganic material, such as glass fiber, metal fiber, carbon fiber and many others.
  • Comparing with organic fiber, generally inorganic fiber has higher resistance against heat, chemical,weather and scratch and it has higher elastic modulus.
  • Glass fiber has lower heat resistance among inorganic fiber, but has high mechanical strength and low stretchability.
  • Ceramic fiber has higher heat resistance than glass fiber. An example of a ceramic fiber is a man-made vitreous fiber based on alumina and silica, which is called RCF (Refractory Ceramic Fiber).
  • Regarding the harmful effect of the inorganic fiber, RCF, next to asbestos, was classified as Group 2B (possibly carcinogenic to humans) by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), and additionally, classified as Class II Specified Chemical Substance in Japan from Nov 2015. Thus the handling of this material should be strictly regulated.
  • As an alternative material for RCF, Bio Soluble Fiber (BSF), which was developed in EU in 90’s, was confirmed to have no risk on human body because after taking in BSF is dissolved inside human body and drained.

(2) About Inorganic material sheet

(a) Inorganic fiber sheet (Inorganic fiber paper)

  • Sheet made from inorganic fiber such as ceramic fiber and glass fiber.
  • For example: Glass fiber sheet (Glass fiber paper), Ceramic fiber sheet (Ceramic fiber paper) and many others.
  • Koceran is manufactured using RCF-free materials including a bio-soluble ceramic fiber.

(b) Inorganic material (other than fiber) sheet

  • Sheet made from inorganic powder with pulp.
  • For example: Aluminum oxide paper, Magnesium silicate paper and so on.

We provide solutions to customers’ problems by utilizing our strengths in sheet making, coating,
impregnating, laminating and dispersion technologies and by using inorganic fiber, organic fiber,
several types of pigment, etc.

For inquiries about Koceran, please call:

81-3-5600-1381 (Sales Dept.) Open from 9:00 to 17:00, except on non-business days
and national holidays

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