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Impregnated Paper for Building Materials

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Impregnated paper for printing with high consistency and quality

The "GF series," our core specialty paper product, is widely recognized for its consistent quality in the so-called "Finished Foil" segment. We offer a wide variety of products focusing on printability, high ply-adhesion and water resistance that are used in furniture, built-in kitchens and flooring material.

Product applications

  • Impregnated paper for laminated wood
  • A variety of Impregnated paper for furniture wrapping
  • Impregnated paper for nonflammable board

For inquiries about Impregnated Paper for Building Materials, please call:

81-3-5600-1381 (Sales Dept.) Open from 9:00 to 17:00, except on non-business days
and national holidays

Inquiry form

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