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Quality Management

As part of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group, we make efforts to improve product quality in accordance with the Product Safety Code of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group.

  1. We will engage in stable production of products that meet the customer requirements and implement ongoing improvement activities to increase the customer satisfaction.
  2. We will achieve the goals of quality, cost and delivery by enhancing the level of the quality control and the efficiency of the quality control system.
  3. We will carry out the quality assurance activities with the participation of all employees with the goal of eliminating complaints from customers completely.
  4. We will conform to the laws and regulations and provide the products that earn customers trust.

KJ SPECIALTY PAPER Environmental Policy

Environmental Management

As a member of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group, we comply with the Group's Environmental Charter and will work to improve the natural environment.

The Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group Environmental Charter

Basic Policies

The Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group intends to make an active contribution to the protection of the global environment and the creation of a sustainable society, and thereby earn the trust of all of its stakeholders through the use of sustainable forest resources.

Basic Principle

  1. Implement measures to counter global warming and promote the sustainable use of resources
  2. Protect and nurture forest resources, with appropriate care given to the preservation of biological diversity
  3. Develop environmentally friendly production technologies and products
  4. Develop and fully utilize environmental management systems and promote environmental communication
  5. Draw up appropriate contingency plans

FSC® Certification

In light of the importance of promoting forest management and of preserving forests, we acquired certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) in October 2009. FSC® certification is aimed at promoting the preservation of forest environments, the interests of local communities, and economically sustainable forest management. As a manufacturer that considers the environment, we will continue our forest-friendly activities.

Gas turbine cogeneration system

We have introduced a gas turbine cogeneration system to make effective use of energy. This has helped reduce energy consumption and lower SOx and soot emissions to near-zero level. These achievements are being maintained.

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