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KJ SPECIALTY PAPER Co., Ltd. originated as Fuji Mill of Koukoku Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd., which was inaugurated in 1943 after the acquisition of four paper mills in the Fuji district.
We have since been developing and producing a broad array of specialty paper with the use of our integrated production line, which encompasses the paper making, impregnation, and coating processes, and we are widely known as a manufacturer of specialty paper.

Message from President

Please view the message from Kunihiro Nakagawa, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Corporate Profile

Our corporate profile, including our business locations and business descriptions


A timeline from the foundation of our forerunner, Nisso Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd., to the present


Our operations, from the inauguration of the paper making business to reorganization into part of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group


A comprehensive guide to Fuji Mill

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