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Introduction of Developed Product

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Carbon nanotube (CNT) related products

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength, but the powdered CNTs usually form aggregates, and do not produce the performance expected.
We offer various kind of CNT related products designed for good performance.

  1. 1.KJ Carbon nano Liquid
  2. Dispersion of Carbon nanotube
  3. 2.KJ Carbon nano Coat
  4. Coating liquid of Carbon nanotube
  5. 3.KJ Carbon nano Sheet
  6. Sheet of Carbon nanotube


KJ Carbon nano Liquid: Dispersion of Carbon nanotube

In conventional methods, CNTs cannot be dispersed at high concentrations, but through our unique dispersion technology we have created a method in which CNT are dispersed with high concentration and low viscosity.

Features ・Uniform and stable water dispersion
・High concentration
・Low viscosity
・Possible dilution

Properties of standard KJ Carbon nano Liquid


1) measured value 2) value on catalog of manufacturer

Possible usage

  1. CNT_Liquid_ex
  2. Brochure of KJ Carbon nano Liquid (PDF-FILE) 

KJ Carbon nano Coat: Coating liquid of Carbon nanotube

Coating liquid consist of Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) dispersion and binders.
Coating liquid can keep a good dispersion and form a uniform coating layer.

Features ・Good dispersibility
・Uniform coating layer formation
・High concentration coating and high coating amount
・Control of conductivity (surface resistivity)
・Adhesion to film, nonwoven and fibers
Coating example AGN7005M

Properties of standard KJ Carbon nano Coat


1) measured value

Possible usage

  1. CNT_Coat_ex
  2. Brochure of KJ Carbon nano Coat (PDF-FILE) 

KJ Carbon nano Sheet: Sheet of Carbon nanotube

  1. KJ carbon nano sheet is made of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and binders.
  2. KJ Specialty Paper's unique dispersion technology provides the ultra-thin film with high density of CNTs due to CNTs dispersion with high concentration.
  3. We offer "Coated sheet" type with CNTs layer on a base film and “Molding sheet" type without the base film.
  4. Base material, thickness, basis weight, coating weight, binder, surface resistivity and so on can be selected as required by customer demand.
Features ・Possibility to reduced the layer thickness
・High uniformity of CNTs distribution
・High CNTs content
Front: Molding sheet Back: Coated sheet

Example of KJ Carbon nano Sheet


1) measured value

Possible usage


Sample application Sheet heating element
Features ・Heat generation on the whole surface evenly
・High uniformity of temperature
・High response and quick temperature rise
・Application to curved surfaces
・Possible cutting to free shape
Sheet heating element Temperature monitoring

Brochure of KJ Carbon nano Sheet (PDF-FILE) 

Chinese Brochure

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The technologies featured above are just part of the technologies we possess. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

For inquiries about Developed Product, please call:

81-545-52-4846 (Research & Department Dept.) Open from 8:30 to 16:50, except on non-business days
and national holidays

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