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Processing Technologies

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A broad array of specialty paper used in daily life is produced using our excellent processing technologies. It is important to apply the optimal processing technology in view of the characteristics of the base paper, the characteristics of the processing agents, and the specifications required.

Impregnation Processing

This process impregnates paper with liquid. The impregnation liquid seeps not only onto the surface of the base paper but also deep inside the paper. To protect the environment, we use water-based impregnation liquid.

Coat Processing

This process applies coating agent to the surface of the paper. There are a number of coating approaches, such as air knife coating, reverse coating, and wire bar coating. We choose an approach that is best suited to application quantity and quality requirements, such as surface properties after coating and characteristics of the coating agent.

Lamination Processing

Among our product ranges, laminated products have particular characteristics. This technology is applied to the lamination of ultra-thin films with a thickness of several micrometers.

These fundamental processing technologies may be used either in isolation or in combination. The technologies featured above are just part of the technologies we possess. For further details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

For inquiries about Processing Technologies, please call:

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