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Paper making Technologies

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We have been supplying different kinds of specialty paper to different industrial sectors by capitalizing on the characteristics of our six paper machines. Shown below are notable examples of our numerous paper making technologies and know-how that have been cultivated since our foundation.

Technology for incorporating inorganic powder into paper

Used in production of based paper for decorative laminates, this technology adds both high opacity and high porosity to paper. It opens the way to incorporating distinctive powder into paper to create a sheet with great extra value in functionality and design. It is possible to control the mixing ratio and the porosity rate in accordance with the required sheet quality.

Technology for making paper with high porosity

This technology manufactures porous paper that well absorbs liquid. The paper is also used in many applications other than liquid absorption by controlling the porosity rate.

Technology for toning and hue control

This technology allows us to produce paper colors suited to different needs. The most important technology is to sustainably maintain and manage the designated color. Our technical superiority is supported by the fact we have to date offered tens of thousands of color variants.

Paper making technology enabling control of inter-layer peel strength

Used chiefly in manufacturing wall coverings base, this technology controls the interlayer peel strength to allow peeling and neatly separating a single sheet into two parts by applying necessary force. The strength, width and other properties are adjusted depending on the purpose.

Technology for controlling water immersion elongation

Moisture may elongate or shrink paper to cause inconvenience in processing or using paper. This technology controls the paper elongation rate to suit the purpose.

Technology for making paper suited to special purposes

Customers' needs are diverse. To meet their purposes and quality requirements, we improve paper composition and paper-making technologies to offer paper that can be used in different applications.

Base paper for impregnation or coating

We make unique base paper for impregnation or coating according to its purposes. In combination with the processing equipment featured on another page, we efficiently produce most of the processed products in a production system integrated with the paper making process. In many cases, paper undergoes impregnation, coating, and other processes before it is finished into a product. It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of this base paper is decisive to the quality of the impregnation and coating properties and to that of the final product as well.

Technology for small batch production

This technology optimizes all processes related to paper making to enable paper production in very small batch of 300 kilograms in response to the diversification of preferences, inventory problems, and the trend towards shorter product life cycles.

The technologies featured above are just part of the technologies we possess. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

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