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1937 March Nisso Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd. is established.
1941 September Corporate name is changed to Koukoku Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd.
1943 April Four paper mills are acquired and consolidated as Fuji Mill (Commencement of the paper making business).
1955 January Production of base paper for decorative laminates is started.
1967 August Production of masking tape backing is started.
1969 January Corporate name is changed to KOHJIN Co., Ltd.
1971 March Production of data recording paper is started.
1975 January Sludge incineration equipment is introduced to address water pollution.
  April Flue gas desulfurization equipment is introduced to address air pollution.
1985 August The KOCERAN-C inorganic fiber paper is developed.
1989 December KOHJIN Co., Ltd. joined the Mitsubishi Group as it formed a capital and business partnership with Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation (currently, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation) and Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited.
1993 October Production of the GF impregnated paper for building materials is started.
2001 June ISO 9001 certification is obtained.
2005 March ISO 14001 certification is obtained.
  November A natural gas cogeneration system is introduced.
2006 October KOHJIN Co., Ltd. is reorganized into a consolidated subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.
2009 October FSC® (CoC) certification is obtained (FSC-C023318).
2011 July KJ SPECIALTY PAPER Co., Ltd. is established (becomes independent by company split-up).
  October KJ SPECIALTY PAPER Co., Ltd. is established (becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited as a result of a business transfer).
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