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KJ SPECIALTY PAPER Co., Ltd. launched its paper making business in 1943 as Fuji Mill of Koukoku Jinken Pulp Co., Ltd. Since starting production of latex impregnated paper in 1968, we have been studying, developing, and manufacturing high value-added specialty paper. In so doing, we have accumulated a broad range of paper making and processing technologies and expertise, including paper making under special conditions and secondary processing such as impregnation, coating, and laminating processes. We have been producing base paper for decorative laminates in tens of thousands of different colors, wallpaper made from natural materials, sterile packaging paper for medical applications, nonflammable inorganic fiber paper, and other distinctive paper products. Undergoing various processes, our paper plays diverse roles, such as wallpaper, surfacing materials for furniture and building materials, and masking tapes in various colors. You may also have seen our sterile paper for medical applications.

We became part of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group in October 2011. Maintaining the quality for which we had long earned confidence as the Specialty Paper Business of KOHJIN Co., Ltd., we will take advantage of the Mitsubishi Paper Mills Group's superior technical capabilities and its domestic and overseas networks with our aim of broadening the horizons of paper and responding to global demand.

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